Where to find me:

The Florida Insurance School

This is where to look if you're in one of my insurance classes! You can also email me at rab at floridainsuranceschool dot com. FIS has provided the best pre-licencing education for insurance professionals for over 50 years. More information is available on the school's web site (link above), or by callingĀ 813-962-4297.

Elemental Art & Technology

This is a company that holds my hobby games and some consulting projects. The site is nothing amazing, just a portal for contacting me regarding the games. As of 2013 it's not particularly up to date, since I've spent a lot of time on distance education and teaching.

My github

I have a few things here. Not much really. Maybe I'll add more!

Rab Beverly on SO

It's me... but on Stack Overflow. Wow.


My facebook profile. This is where I joke around, post pictures of my chickens and guineas, and occasionally post science experiments that are "normal" enough that I don't feel I should censor them. For true mad science we'll have to hang out in person.

Robert Beverly on LinkedIn

My LinkedIn page... I find myself not using it that much, but if we connect we'll have each other's contact info. Also you can discover all the secrets of my past without me ever knowing you snooped! Just make sure you adjust that privacy setting, or I'll know you were spying.


My Twitter page. I can barely manage to say anything in 140 characters, which is why I don't post much. Maybe I should start writing essays and then linking to them with a description. Whatever.